Commercial Vehicle Hazard Warning Systems provided by Fox Detailing.

Autowatch Advanced Corner Detection System AACDS

Commercial VehicleThe Autowatch Advanced Corner Detection System AACDS is an ultrasonic sensor system specifically designed to warn and assist drivers of blind hazards, particularly important for HGV’s.

The AACDS turns on when the ignition is turned on and the system is activated automatically when the vehicle slows to below 10 mph. The in-cab display will indicate to the driver that the system has been activated by displaying a green light with one flash.

Once activated the display will again illuminate green when the vehicle approaches within 600mm of an obstacle.

As the vehicle approaches within 450mm of an obstacle, the display will illuminate with an amber light.

Commercial VehiclesObstacles detected within 300mm of the vehicle will activate both the internal piezo tone buzzer (giving a constant audible tone) and the display will illuminate with the red, amber and green lights to alert the driver that the object is close enough to cause damage.

When the vehicle speed increases above 10 Mph the system is deactivated and the green light will flash twice on the display to indicate that the system is on standby.

If the vehicle is stationary, the system will continue to be activated. There is an option to place the system on standby when the handbrake is engaged; in this mode the green light will flash twice to inform the driver the device is in standby mode. 

AACDS is fast becoming a system of choice for many HGV owners and heavy haulage firms who wish to protect their fleet from costly repairs and furthermore assist their drivers to identify blind hazards.

AACDS will increase driver awareness to the presence of not only street furniture but also to pedestrians and cyclists who approach the vehicle while manoeuvring at low speed (below 10mph).

This system also helps to improve the driver’s ability to judge distances from vehicle to objects while placing additional focus on the area of the vehicle being a potential hazard.

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