Detailing in KentDetailing Services in Kent

What is Detailing?

Detailing begins where valeting ends; it’s the attention to detail that separates the two.

Detailing is a step by step process which begins by cleaning every surface of a vehicle, even going to the extent of carefully removing parts to get to those hard to reach places.

Following the multi step clean, I use techniques to protect, preserve and restore paintwork. All interior & exterior surfaces of a vehicle are finished to standard which surpasses the usual showroom quality.

I provide a detailing service paying the utmost attention to each and every detail of your pride and joy. Herein lies another important part of my working ethos at Fox Detailing; I work on your pride and joy whether it be a million pound super car, your weekend toy, your everyday work horse or family car.

Detailing in KentDetailing in Kent

Fox Detailing is recommended by brands hatch morganDetailing prices on application, no obligation.

Fox Detailing does not offer the supermarket £10 hand washes but
I do offer a valeting service in which I take time and care to ensure
that your vehicle is cleaned to a high standard and in doing so I
preserve your paintwork and interior, unlike many £10 washes, I
do not recycle used water.

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